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While the Z10 saw BlackBerry tread new water in the mobile market with its first fully touchscreen device, the Q10 sees a return to more familiar territory with the handset sporting the firm’s famous QWERTY keyboard. The BlackBerry Q10 arrives as the natural successor to the Bold and Bold at the top end of the keyboard toting tree, which has been pretty much ignored by every other manufacturer as touchscreen smartphones are today’s big business. There’s still a market for handsets sporting a set of physical keys though, with a number of people still preferring the dexterity and accuracy this option provides over their touchscreen rivals.

In terms of design BlackBerry hasn’t taken any great strides forward and to the untrained eye the Q10 could be mistaken for the What you will note however is the once curved keyboard has now been straightened out and the metallic frets separating the rows of characters are now slightly raised for improved tactile feedback – in other words you should be able to feel where your thumbs are on the board more easily. We’ll cover the keyboard in more detail in our Keyboard section, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Description. With its hardware QWERTY keyboard, the BlackBerry Q10 follows in the footsteps of many legacy smartphones made by RIM. The four rows of hardware keys are situated underneath a high-resolution, by pixel touchscreen measuring inches in diagonal.

View Comments Share If you just picked up a new BlackBerry Q10, here are a few things you should know to help you set up your device. Get to know your smartphone The first thing you should do after opening the box is review the graphic above to understand the various features and functions found on the BlackBerry Q The documentation that came with your new smartphone is another great place to start. To do this, press and slide the battery door down as shown in the following graphic. After removing the battery door, insert your SIM card, media card and battery as shown in the images below.

When finished, plug in your smartphone so it can charge. After completing the setup wizard, the Setup app will open allowing you to setup other features and functions. To finish setting up your new BlackBerry, you will be prompted to enter an existing BlackBerry ID or create a new one. If you are not sure whether you already have a BlackBerry ID, visit www. You can use the Setup app to: Connect to a Wi-Fi network Add your email accounts, BBM and social networking accounts Set up your payment options for purchases you make from the BlackBerry World storefront Transfer data from a BlackBerry 7 smartphone for help transferring data from earlier BlackBerry smartphones, use BlackBerry Link as described below Customize and personalize your device settings Watch tutorials or open the Help app to learn more about BlackBerry 10 Tip:

BlackBerry Q10 support

While its predecessor, the BlackBerry Z10 won accolades for some of its innovative software features, including its touch keyboard and fluid navigation, everyone’s been eagerly waiting for the Q10, as hardware keyboards have been known to be BlackBerry’s key strength. Is the Q10 able to take forward BlackBerry’s lineage of excellent communication devices while integrating it with its next generation smartphone OS?

We find out in this review. The phone looks a lot like the Bold , BlackBerry’s last flagship hardware keyboard phone. It has rounded edges and retains the classic BlackBerry look. The phone comes in Black and White colour variants and we had a White Q10 as our review unit.

New Tinder for Blackberry Q5 Z10 Q10 Z Tinder for Blackberry is the location-based online chatting and dating application which is used to find a match regarding the user interest. Tinder application was developed in the year

Share This post is outdated, click here to view a updated version! Using a BlackBerry 10 smartphone? Check for BlackBerry 10 OS Updates Whenever a BlackBerry 10 OS update is released, make sure you install it on your smartphone so that you can take advantage of optimizations that can help improve your battery life. If you need assistance setting up a new account, use the Help app, review the User Guide located at http: If you set up multiple accounts that support email, contacts, and calendar synchronization, only enable synchronization for accounts that you plan on using; this ensures that only necessary activity occurs.

To review account synchronization settings, tap Accounts within Settings, and then tap the account you want to customize or delete. New screens were added that allow you to view key details around battery usage so you can easily identify apps that have a negative impact on your battery life. For example, you can view battery consumption by application since the last time you charged your device, or by the last 12, 24, or 48 hours.

You can also view applications you installed, the amount of space those apps take up, and you can delete applications. We recommend using Wi-Fi whenever possible because it offers substantial power savings; so make sure you are actively adding Wi-Fi networks and hotspots to your smartphone as you come across them. Notifications If you receive a lot of notifications throughout the day, consider reviewing and customizing your notification profiles.

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The maps do give a pretty good account of the lie of the land, but it’s certainly not as polished as the excellent Google Maps you’ll find on Android. There are far fewer features as well with just the standard map view available, no satellite overlay, no street view, no flyover, no public transport information — but at least it knows where places are. While we could excuse the lack of information such as bus stops and train lines, we really found that without any mention of train stations at all it could be a bit tricky to find your way around.

Apr 29,  · DocsToGo is a handy app for those looking to use the BlackBerry Q10 for business purposes, providing a simple and intuitive way to create, view and edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on the Author: John McCann.

There are new features not yet seen before in the mobile landscape, as well as a flow of interaction that will be intuitive, seamless, and functional. They allow us to connect to a world of information, capture moments, and stay close to both colleagues and friends. The key here is to allow for a rapid flow between these two uses, just as we rapidly flow between a quick personal conversation and then jump into a meeting for work. A swipe and a tap is all it takes to switch gears.

Mandatory apps can be pushed straight to the devices. With this functionality, you can seamlessly swap between work and personal activity on the device. It gets even better when we look at apps that bridge the gap and allow you to access both work and personal information if the work area is unlocked such as the BlackBerry Hub, Contacts, and Calendar.

If the work space is locked, only personal messages will appear. Similarly, in the Calendar application, work events appear as locked events until the work space is unlocked. With a platform built to fit into both your work and personal life, you can do it all on a single smartphone by managing your connections and communication from unified apps, or by accessing dedicated personal or work applications within each space.

Corporate data on the smartphones is strictly secured, encrypted, and grounded in the work space. Even when end users are able to view both work and personal data side by side, the work data is completely manageable and protected. Here are some examples of protection features as well as policies that IT administrators will be able to enforce.

BlackBerry Q10 Price in India, Full Specification, Features (22nd Nov )

The app allows you to take gorgeous panoramic photos of beautiful scenes from a starry night sky to a vast woodland area. CrackBerry Every time BlackBerry brings new smartphones and models into the market, CrackBerry is the first to report it to fellow smartphone addicts. As most BlackBerry owners know, CrackBerry is the best source for maximizing your smartphone.

This app promises super smooth and super fast service. The Geek Squad claims you can use the app to capture transaction details and organize them according to an unlimited number of cash, credit cards, or bank accounts.

The BlackBerry Q10 is the smartphone BlackBerry fanatics have been waiting for. Sporting the company’s trademark physical keyboard and its new BB operating system, the BlackBerry Q10 .

MX Player for Blackberry is the wonderful application which is designed for streaming videos and movies online. Everyone has a Smartphone now. People mostly search the android application for watching and download videos or movies. And one important thing is we all love to watch the video or movies with high quality. But MX Player for Blackberry is the best one with advanced features and it supports all the file formats. Having a blackberry device is superb news.

But you are not able to download and enjoy all the android applications. Because Blackberry has a very negligible market share and less number of applications are developed for Blackberry OS. Here you should remember the fact that Blackberry has finally decided to go with Android OS. We all know the importance of MX Player application.

Use Office on your BlackBerry device

By Pete Pachal It consolidates all messaging into a single, united interface called the Hub, it can run up to eight apps in the background, and it has an extremely high-res screen at pixels per inch. But it also works in some starkly different ways than other smartphones. For starters, there’s no home button, so unlocking the phone works differently than on the iPhone and most Android phones.

The BlackBerry 10 interface is gesture-based, meaning you navigate and control key functions by swiping the screen in specific ways.

Microsoft has released a preview version of its Skype app for BlackBerry’s newest smartphone, the Q Microsoft has developed the Skype user interface to ‘make it look great’ on the new.

The Inter ctive Pager was a clamshell -type device that allowed two-way paging. The very first device to carry the BlackBerry name was the BlackBerry , an email pager, released January 19, Although identical in appearance to the , the was the first device to integrate email and the name Inter ctive Pager was no longer used to brand the device.

The first BlackBerry device, the , was introduced in as a two-way pager in Munich, Germany. The name was chosen due to the resemblance of the keyboard’s buttons to that of the drupelets that compose the blackberry fruit. In , the more commonly known convergent smartphone BlackBerry was released, which supports push email, mobile telephone, text messaging, Internet faxing , Web browsing and other wireless information services. The original BlackBerry device had a monochrome display while newer models installed color displays.

All newer models have been optimized for ” thumbing “, the use of only the thumbs to type on a keyboard. The Storm 1 and Storm 2 include a SureType keypad for typing. Originally, system navigation was achieved with the use of a scroll wheel mounted on the right side of device models prior to the The trackwheel was replaced by the trackball with the introduction of the Pearl series, which allowed four-way scrolling.

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Jan 29,  · Mobile Apps The easiest way to install Android apps on BB After the latest update to BlackBerry 10, users can install Android apps with very little effort.

We offer the only solution to sync rich Outlook data like Categories, Notes, Tasks, and Task priorities to these next-generation devices. You have the choice to select USB sync works like BlackBerry Desktop Manager of the past , Wi-Fi sync using your home or office router, or our private DejaCloud wireless sync that automates the sync process. You also have the option to sync to our mobile app designed for Outlook users, called DejaOffice, or to the built-in apps on your BlackBerry device.

Our secure USB connection ensure your data is not in the cloud. Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes. Supports multiple devices and multiple PC’s easily. After the initial sync, sync time is instant and automatic. DejaCloud is a subscription service. This is a great choice if you require your Outlook data in Google Calendar and Contacts for other reasons. CompanionLink for Google sync can be set automatically and will run in background on your PC.

BlackBerry Q10 review: Maps and apps

The easiest way to install Android apps on BB10 After the latest update to BlackBerry 10, users can install Android apps with very little effort. Initially, however, the process of getting Android apps up and running on a BlackBerry 10 device was anything but simple. The process required users download the Android app APK , convert it to a BlackBerry 10 compatible file format BAR and then install it through the command line, or as Brian Bennett walked us through , using a Chrome extension.

Just this week BlackBerry released an update to BB10, bringing the ability to install Android apps directly on the device, with no conversion or fancy networking skills required. In order for any of this to work your BB10 device will need to be running BlackBerry 10 version

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WordCycler Are you an Instapaper fan? WordCycler allows you to sync via USB your Instapaper content and read it at your leisure on your favorite e-readers, such as the Kindle or any e-reader device that supports ePub or Mobipocket. The sync goes both ways, too. Finish and delete an article from your reader and it will be removed from your Instapaper account.

OpenOffice is an excellent open-source, free, and full-featured alternative to Microsoft Office. Free Q10 If you prefer minimal text editors which help you focus on the writing, Q10 is a great Windows exclusive program. Use Dropbox to sync it across systems for added usability. Make sure to install add-ons for use in Firefox, Chrome and Safari to protect your passwords anywhere. LastPass has the added benefit of securely syncing the information so it can be accessed on any computer you have LastPass installed on.

Upgrading to premium allows you to access your passwords on mobile devices and USBs.

Top 5 Apps for the BlackBerry Q Say Hello to These Smartphone Enhancers

Carphone Warehouse Best apps every BlackBerry owner should download right now 21 Jun This week we’re talking apps during Talk Mobile , se we figured we’d take a look at some of the best apps out there for BlackBerry If you’re having trouble finding the absolute best apps for your BlackBerry Z10 or Q10? We’ve spent countless hours finding the goods and can proudly say that we’ve found the best. These are the apps that every BlackBerry owner should download right now.

If you haven’t tried them yet then you need to – and that’s all there is to it.

You can access email, Office documents, and other Office services from your BlackBerry® device. Instructions for setting up your device are included here and in the Office portal. Go to Settings> Office settings > Get started>Phone & tablet.

BlackBerry Q10 are locked with network providers so that you can avail benefits of the provider in the future too instead of switching to another network. However, you can unlock BlackBerry Q10 before your contract ends and can shift to desired network, thereby saving substantial costs using BlackBerry Q10 unlock codes. Reasons to unlock BlackBerry Q10 If you are going to be travelling, then you will require working on different networks.

Unlocking BlackBerry Q10 will also increase its re-sale value. You can unlock your mobile using the BlackBerry Q10 imei unlock code and it takes maximum 5 minutes depending on your internet connection. Phone Unlocker is an easy to use tool that can be downloaded and installed onto any desktop and mobile which will unlock any mobile device for free. The unlock process is very intuitive and the software is free of malware and spyware.

Put in the new SIM card and turn your device on. Enter the code and restart your phone and enjoy using your new provider SIM. Steps to unlock your BlackBerry Q10 — Once the software has been downloaded, the unlock code needs to be retrieved to unlock BlackBerry Q10 for free.

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