Have something to add or change? Email us at docs nextthing. And every computer needs an operating system. Grab an old TV or any screen with a composite video input , a keyboard and mouse, and stick some electricity in the micro USB port. So how do use this thing? Add some power, turn on the wireless network, and even connect a bluetooth keyboard to get rid of those annoying cables.


This new version of the software 1. Transverter support, Dual RX and wider bandscope bandwidth support are just a few big changes! Note that this page will always be a work in progress Go to the bottom of the page for the latest update and current SDR Status. See the Flex-Radio Website! The low bands were in pretty good shape, so not much other than standard maintenance was needed there.

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The 2 players automatically win and lose so their scores show the hours and minutes. All the parts are easily available on eBay and the software code is free! The clock has lots of different display modes to choose from: Pong Clock Time written in words, e. My clock in the video is made with the 3mm green displays. Make sure you get the newer version of the display which is based on the Holtek HT C chip. You can tell the newer displays as they have the controller chip and DIP switches on the back.

The front is relatively empty of components as you can see: The Arduino is the brains of the clock. It has a microprocessor that runs the clock software, plus inputs and outputs we connect to the displays, buttons and clock chip. The Uno is the latest version and has one as standard. Get a board which is designed for a chip to go on, i. You can see this area on the bottom left of the board in the picture below.

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Neal Stephenson Neal Stephenson Information moves, or we move to it. Moving to it has rarely been popular and is growing unfashionable; nowadays we demand that the information come to us.

Car Battery Charger Without Jumper Cables Smart Car Battery Problems Car Battery Charger Without Jumper Cables Oreillys Car Battery Car Battery Coupon Lithium Car Batteries Car Battery Charging While Driving There a lot more tips arrive at your .

Try to turn on the lights for a second then turn them off. This is sometimes enough to reestablish a good connection. Read below for more diagnostic tips. Not sure which connections go where when jump starting a car? Read below for the full procedure. The Automotive Electrical System How does my cars electrical system work? Learn how the automotive electrical system works in your car. From the Battery, Starter, Alternator and Cables, we will look at how to keep your electrical system operating properly.


Attaching herself to an old and rusted pulley system she drops over the edge before plummeting at 40mph along a zip wire to the opposite bank half a mile away – a vertigo-inducing journey she has to take every day to get to school. Villagers hook themselves to steel wires and slide half a mile at 40mph to get to the nearest town For the handful of families living in the area, 40 miles southeast of the capital Bogota, the 12 steel cables that connect one side of the valley to the other are their only access to the outside world.

German explorer Alexander von Humboldt was the first Westerner to observe the unusual rope system in They were traditionally made of hemp, but steels cables were installed with the advent of logging in the surrounding rainforest. When this was made illegal settlers turned their hand to farming and cattle raising. Today, the cables are still the only transport available to those living in the area.

A concept that never really worked well, but that Bally obviously thought was a great idea, was the keypad input. Inside every game (except Escape from Lost World, Blackwater , Truckstop and Atlantis), there was a keypad with the numbers 0 to 9, A to .

Well, my grandfather was a farmer in Caroline County, Virginia, but he worked the farm with mules. The only tractor I ever operated was an 8N owned by my close friend, Lewis Mills, of Ashland, Virginia, so it was only natural to look for an N when I moved out to the country six years ago. That, and the fact that Ashland still had a Ford tractor dealership. My first N was a , followed by a with a Freeman loader, followed by another Over the years of owning these three tractors, I have managed to refresh what little mechanical knowledge I had and add a little more, thanks to the wisdom and helpfulness of many fellow N owners.

So, now it’s my turn to share a few of the tips I’ve picked up.

Do not connect your jumper cables backwards or bad bad things can happen. : Justrolledintotheshop

I don’t know much about engines, but I do understand a bit of electronics, and was wondering if it was possible that he created a huge power surge in the system. We trust the garage to get to the bottom of this, but it seems that everyone thinks it is a starter issue first-hopefully, they find something that we can hang on the first “professional”.

Reverse-connecting a battery could put hundreds and perhaps thousands of amps through the alternator. I would not think it very likely to have damaged the starter motor, but it’s possible some vehicles use a common fusible link for the starter and alternator. It’s also possible that a starter may have an attached flyback diode, such that an attempt to crank the car with a reverse-connected battery would result in the diode passing all the current it can get.

Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits: Cables – Tools Gift Certificates Arduino Cables Sensors LEDs Books Breakout Boards Power EL Wire/Tape/Panel Components & Parts LCDs & Displays Wearables Prototyping Raspberry Pi Wireless Young Engineers 3D printing NeoPixels Kits & Projects Robotics & CNC Accessories Cosplay/Costuming Halloween Reseller and School Packs .

It shows on the picture by the two AC outputs 7 and 8. I cannot find a download for the manual so I cannot confirm that both of these AC outputs are milliamps but this is what it looks like from the data on their website. Will this damage the unit? The amp comes with FX loop but currently my new setup is running everything upfront. I only want to gate my drive pedals and vibe. The pedals in use are as below: You want to set up a loop with the G String as follows: The output will drive your Strymon and Dyna Verb without any truncation of the delay or reverb and the output of these effects will feed the input of your amplifier.

And to switch between just distortion to just preamp, do I have to hit two buttons or does turning off distortion automatically engage preamp?

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The transistors and diodes are available from many sources. Please visit the Parts reference page for suggested sites. Bally Game List. Produced with both boardsets and the older Bally boardsets, but the boardset version seems to be more prevelant.

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Thursday 6 November, 9: Why is Bleeding Necessary? This air gap will prevent fuel from getting to the engine and will stall your equipment — not good. There are two methods to bleed this system, one using the bleed valve and cylinder head decompression, and the other involves loosening the injector lines from the injectors. Either method is a straightforward procedure. Bleed Valve and Cylinder Head Decompression The first method purges air between the fuel filter bowl and the injector pump.

This air lock is what commonly occurs whenever a fuel filter has been changed. Open the fuel bleed valve located on the side of the injection pump by rotating fully counter-clockwise. Open fuel bleed valve on side of injection pump by rotating counter-clockwise Next pull on the cylinder head decompression knob to decompress the engine and relieve any cylinder head compression. This photo shows the cylinder head decompression lever with the cable pull removed for clarity — ordinarily you have a knob on the dashboard and that cable attaches to the lever shown below.

To do this, locate the injector lines and notice where they enter the top of the injectors.

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Hardware Abuse Some of the things people do to computers is downright painful. Recently, I got a call from someone who turned off his computer whenever he found himself somewhere in Windows he didn’t want to be. Wonder of all wonders, scandisk found a score of lost allocation units and bad sectors. He called about a week later and said that it would no longer boot up. He brought it in, and I discovered that sixteen nicely drilled holes were in the bottom of the case.

I asked him about it, and he said the machine was too hot sitting on his lap, so he had drilled these “air holes.

QUESTION: I’ve got a Decimator G-String 1st version. My amplifier is a Fender DeLuxe Reverb reissue, which doesn’t have Fx loops ; so, I wonder if there’s a better way to connect G-String to avoid cutting off delays and reverbs’tail.

So what will we need to do this? But I doubt any of you guys will be using an amp that big. Walmart sells amplifier kits as do some other stores. The kits tell you how many watts they can handle. Add Tip Ask Question Step 2: Choosing an Amp and Speaker This can be a tricky step. You want to choose a speaker and amp that put out the most power, without blowing each other.

What you want is the RMS of both the subwoofer speaker and the amplifier to be as close as possible. The RMS is the amount of power a speaker can continuously have sent to it without going bad. The RMS is also the amount of power the amplifier can continuously put out without over heating. When looking at speakers and amplifiers, do not look at the peak power. A speaker or amp can only be run on the peak power for about a minute before it goes bad or overheats.

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Gazing at Stars and ‘Home Runs’ It’s important that you understand the concept of Star Wiring topology sometimes called home-run wiring before you start. All LAN wiring uses a star topology. Star or home-run wiring means that each access point wall-plate is directly run back to a central or home location normally in the basement or where the telephone service enters the premises with no breaks. Many, if not most, older premises and even quite recent ones use multi-drop telephone wiring which allows multiple phone access points on a single cable run.

Diagram 1 illustrates the differences in wiring topologies.

The KMØT SDR Webpage. Wow! This new version of the software is a monumental change from an old version shown below – That’s why SDR ROCKS!

Every morning Reggie, Roger and I set out in the direction of the mountains. We walk up our desert boulevard to Midland Road. A dirt road takes us in a loop back to Midland Road and we return to camp. When the road deteriorates, I park and we disembark. Reg and Rog can hardly wait for me to latch their leashes and place them on the ground. As we go along I note the condition of the road.

The next time we come here, I can drive further and our walk will take us closer to the mountains. No one is anywhere around, although there is evidence that people come out here to dump trash and to practice shooting. I do so and pop the hood. Juan pulls the dip stick, examines the transmission fluid, sniffs and tastes. While on the subject, a related question.

How to Properly Jump Start a Car