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World of Tanks HUN

High rate of fire,very short aim time and good gun depression rounds of ammunition, which is enough for every situation. Only sees tier 4 battles, unlike the regular B1 Thick hull sides bounce most weapons of their tier when angled and high hit points Very good track traverse speed and adequate acceleration Cons: But as long as you hit and penetrate, you will still make a low profit, at least with a premium account.

However that issue currently exists already with all the stigma with low win rate tier 10s and potatoes that already exist. People think they are being paired with teammates that are bad and should just sell their tanks already. This brings nothing new. If you think about it, match making in a multiplayer game, isn’t a direct indication of your skill level. It has a very strong correlation, however it’s purpose is to measure how good of a teammate you are with your set of skills or lack of.

It seems a lot of players are crying about how they will get bad teammates and as a result their stats with drop. If you are indeed a good player then your statistics damage per game, win rate, etc will be decent. More so, they will be consistent. Because no matter how you want to argue against an elo system or matchmaking system, given enough time and sampling of games, it will accurately represent a player.

The key is to realize the rating is based on you as a teammate, rather your no scope abilities.

Tier 3 Matchmaking is Amazing!

The fight for the T Author: Now I would like to imply that this article may contain many disputes because history can be twisted depending on which side you are on and which way your government wants you to think. So I will try my best to give a third person perspective and background knowledge behind this event so you can decide for yourself.

This article mentions the fight for the T on the disputed island, how both sides tried to recover it and the various secret methods both sides used to either sabotage it or protect it. Including secretly recovering it from the river and the spies that were used to destroy it. In the s and s, China had a really big industry problem in which facilities and infrastructures just weren’t there to provide experimental data.

Kinda like WoW battlegrounds used to be.. Simple formula that is rewarding for players who don’t want to spend a scheduled 3 hours 3 nights a week “raiding” tanks. I think it’d be interesting to explore options for giving people a better reason to play once they start unlocking many lines. For some time a drive for me to play was CW and making sure I had tier Xs unlocked and crewed sufficiently to play at that level. More recently I’ve purchased or worked toward a variety of tanks to add to my ability to participate in skirmish battles, including this God awful tier IV arty that Kalis likes on the roster.

Everyone needs their reason to keep playing and I think tournaments are a good motivator for setting goals. I also think the tournament schedule and variety leave a lot to be desired and supplement too small of a portion of the NA community. I’d really like to see them add some more options for the casual players. Either long-running missions i.

I know monetarily that probably makes sense but I really would like to see WG trying to grow the community and not just play “the rich get richer” all the time. Nope, some asshat apparently threw a snit fit and edited a bunch of his really old posts to say [Redacted] and the powers that be responded by turning off infinite edit privileges. As for the stutter, for some reason YouTube re-encodes the video. I forget what settings I used but the file I uploaded was over 12GB.

If I download your video there is no stutter.

do you like your bt7 art

HighSpyker, on 20 May – Look, I’ll give you credit for humility. Other tier 3 tanks, though, have traits that enable them to really contribute at tier 5.

I have been feeling much more comfortable lately so I decided to move up to tier 3 a few months ago. The light tanks are amazingly fun to play at this tier! Getting to the point of this thread I have just started experimenting with tier 4s and beyond , but I feel like the game is ruined by the matchmaking when you start to see tanks that are 2 tiers higher than you.

I know that this is not a new topic on this forum, but I haven’t ever seen a logical explanation. For me, the game falls apart when you are playing tier 4 and start seeing tier 6s. It takes the fun out of it because your ability to influence the outcome of a game is drastically reduced. The outcome becomes much more dependent on the performance of the higher tiered players. My hunch is that it has to do with money.


Practice[ edit ] Advertisement for a matchmaking service Chennai , India In some cultures, the role of the matchmaker was and is quite professionalized. The Ashkenazi Jewish shadchan , or the Hindu astrologer , were often thought to be essential advisors and also helped in finding right spouses as they had links and a relation of good faith with the families.

In cultures where arranged marriages were the rule, the astrologer often claimed that the stars sanctified matches that both parents approved of, making it quite difficult for the possibly-hesitant children to easily object — and also making it easy for the astrologer to collect his fee.

Somua S35 at [ Bovington Tank Museum ]. Built from until to equip the armored divisions of the Cavalry, it was, for its time, a relatively agile medium-weight tank, superior in armor and armament to both its French and foreign competitors, such as the contemporary versions of the German Panzerkampfwagen III. It was constructed from well-sloped, cast armor sections that offered it good armor protection but made it expensive to produce and time-consuming to maintain.

During the German invasion of May , the SOMUA S35 proved itself to be tactically effective, but this was negated by strategic mistakes in the deployment of its units. A derived variant, the SOMUA S40, had an improved suspension, lowered hull, and cast and welded turret armor, and had been planned to replace the original version on the production lines in July These called for a much heavier design than had been originally specified in The new type had to be immune to antitank guns.

The company accepted this proposal on 16 July and construction began on 12 October The prototype, with the name AC3, was ready on 14 April It was tested from 4 July until 2 August Following testing, a pre-series of four was produced of the improved type, the AC4, to be tested until 27 January Today, the even shorter abbreviation S35 is more often used, usually with a hyphen i.

The mass-production vehicle would have the longer SA 35 gun. Originally, a total production of was planned, but the second order was limited to for financial reasons.


History The M4A3E8 Fury tank is modeled after its namesake from the movie, so in this section I’ll briefly cover a little history of the M4 Sherman tank. Meanwhile, Germany and the Soviets were in an all out arms race with tanks as they each tried to gain the upper hand on the Eastern Front. US intelligence had learned of these new tanks, but believed that Germany couldn’t make them in enough numbers to justify replacing the M4. Tank crews would often try and augment their tanks armor by stacking sandbags on the front hull, which can be seen on the ‘Fury’ tank with the logs strapped to the sides of the hull.

Though it is possible that the logs were not intended to supplement the armor.

Performance When top tier against tier 3 It excels a lot. There’s quite a lot of bounce with a correct angle and the gun is accurate enough to kill a far target m. A lot of fun and of kills! However, most of the tier 3 TD’s can penetrate you, and the Marder II and T82 can potentially 1 or 2 shot you, so resort to different tactics for these opponents.

When you meet tier IV It’s a completely different play style. You should play as a support tank, but you can still have a large influence on the outcome of the battle. When you meet tier V It is woefully outclassed against tier 5 tanks. Caution is strongly advised as you are unable to penetrate the armor of most heavy tanks except in extreme weak points, and even then the damage is insufficient Why is the B2 allowed to be first in every category in its tier, but the S35 is artificially handicapped?

As I’ve said, the S35’s good balance of features make it a terrific tank when it’s top tier, perhaps the most capable top tier tank in its tier except the ludicrous Sexton 1. The balance works against it at tier 4, and is debilitating at tier 5. I agree based on pure stats, however the stats for the T include only tier 3 and 4 matches, and the pz s35’s stats include tiers 3, 4 and 5. So the base stats aren’t necessarily a good measuring stick since they aren’t facing the same enemies.

If we could see the individual stats of the pz s35 against each tier of enemies it faces, then maybe a good argument could be made, but I don’t think the numbers would necessarily justify it.

S35 (f)

Verified Purchase Well this is my first Amazon review, and I decided to do it because of this center channel speaker. We have had problems hearing voice audio in movies for years and I honestly never had any idea what the problem was. Recently we watched the entire Harry Potter series my wife and I, and between their mumbling and the low audio we both thought we were just losing our hearing. After a frustrating experience of pause rewind and both of us desperately trying to hear what they were saying, I decided to do some research into making the problem better.

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Alright, call me an idiot, But I spent 1k gold for this little premium. Since then, It’s been nothing but fun Sure, when it gets matched wrong it’s a liability, but most of the time the MM is nice enough to give tanks you can kill. So, after a few battles in it. Despite it’s stats, the vehicle is a dependable and capable machine. It’s design is well rounded, it’s decently fast, the gun is excellent on the move,at a cost of penetration the worst that you’ll face is tier Vs It’s armor is well enough to take a few hits Especially from low tier tanks And the credit gain is excellent for it’s tier Earns at the VERY worse 2k, at the best k It costs at worst credits to fix, and it’s ammunition is cheap.

Unfortunately the gun may feel lacking at times though can do damage to higher tier vehicles with good enough aim. There is also a weak spot on the front above the hull seam. In summary, the Pz S35 f While it isn’t the best , it’s well rounded performance make it a formidable vehicle and a Harbinger of death for an advanced player using it. Personally I enjoy my S35 f , and my writing of this topic was to give my personal take on this often-forgotten vehicle.

I can see why you enjoy that tank, I got one in beta and i was very satisfied with it the shame as you said is the gun is lacking, but apart from that it is a good tank – rather I think like the Valentine, slow good armour great gun.

Pz. S35 Rampage (WOT PS4)