Hey Guitar Guys How bout us bass players? Can we show off a bit too? The bass is perfect; except for normal wear and tear there is not a nick, scratch, ding and not even a hint of buckle rash. It was conceived and built as a twin of 7 – except for the neck shape and body weight – in Paul’s tiny original second floor shop in Annapolis, Maryland. As most of you guitar players know – PRS makes guitars that are not only superior in functionality, playability and tone, but they are also incredible works of art. In the other photo, on the right you have a glimpse of of a new Paul Reed Smith Private Stock Bass – which was recently crafted from Paul’s library and the PRS Vault – the “holy grail” wood collection – which contains Paul’s most precious exhibition-quality wood discoveries from over the past 15 years.


Smith set up a partnership with his wife Barbara and businessman Warren Esanu, and set up a factory in Virginia Avenue, Annapolis. As such, the term “10 Top” refers to specimens of maple with distinctive and notable figure, as opposed to a specific grade of timber. PRS guitars with a “10 Top” feature a written or stamped “10” on the upper right headstock when viewed from behind. The PRS vibrato resembles a vintage Fender Stratocaster unit, and the more recent compensated wrapover tailpiece allows for minimal intonation adjustment.

PRS Serial Identification Numbers. Year Identification / Serial Numbers Excerpt from The PRS Guitars Book, written by Dave Burrluck The serial number of an acoustic is located on the label inside the sound hole of the guitar. hand-signed by Paul Reed Smith and based on the Custom, extremely figured (artist grade) maple top, bird inlays.

Scenario 3 — Determining date of manufacture from other sources If you cannot find helpful information on the instrument itself do not despair. There are other ways: Manufacturing date range Some instruments are easy to date simply because historical records indicate that the manufacturer or brand was only made for a limited period.

For example if you have a Bond branded guitar it was made either in or as that was the life of that brand. If you find a Travis Bean — it was made between and Murph guitars were made Murphy Shaw , Ritz guitars were made for 2 years , La Baye guitars and basses only — Simple. Jedistar attempts to publish manufacturing start and finish dates. These dates also appear in a number of other resource books which I list below.

Please note I have found a number of errors in published works that conflict with information I have received direct from luthiers. Of course this source of dating information is not reliable for brands that have been around for a long time such as Martin, Fender and so on… For American made guitars pre World War II Mugwumps provides an extraordinary resource: Model date range Some manufacturers offer specific models for a limited period only.

Referencing guitar catalogs can be very useful useful in this context. Jedistar contains links to free on-line catalog scans.

Paul Reed Smith “Dragon ” Electric Guitar

Materials[ edit ] The bodies of most PRS guitars are crafted of mahogany , with a maple top on most models. They often feature highly figured tops, including flame maple , quilt maple and figured maple creating the effect of tiger stripes. A small number of bodies feature white Limba, referred to as Korina by luthiers. Fingerboard inlays[ edit ] PRS’s signature fret markers include the standard moon inlays and the optional birds, often fashioned from pearl or paua abalone shell.

The moons appear similar to standard dot inlays, but have a crescent more prominent than the rest of the dot. The bird inlays feature representations of the following species; peregrine falcon 3rd fret , marsh hawk 5th fret , ruby throated hummingbird 7th fret , common tern 9th fret , Coopers hawk 12th fret , kite 15th fret , sparrow 17th fret , storm petrel 19th fret , a landing hawk 21st fret and a screech owl on a branch fret models only.

– PRS GUITARS – PRS Custom 24 For Sale Click Here. Paul Reed Smith Old Catalogs and Letters, Signed By Paul in – Click Here PRS Style Truss Rod Covers and more Click Here. Paul Reed Smith PRS CE 3 (CE 24) Maple Top.

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PRS Signature

McCarty Soapbar goldtop offered with your choice of quality pickups. Stock pickups are Seymour Duncan Soapbars but this one has been retrofitted with a pair of DiMarzio Dlx Plus DP soapbars but unlike most soapbars, they’re actually stacked humbuckers and are designed as an excellent compromise between single coil soaps and mini-humbuckers, characterized by clean and open soapbar tone with punchy lows, well defined highs, with no muddiness.

They’re 4-conductor in case you want to put some splitter pots in there.

PRS Guitars (also known as Paul Reed Smith Guitars) is an American guitar manufacturer headquartered in Stevensville, Maryland, founded by luthier Paul Reed Smith in PRS Guitars established a reputation [citation needed] as a manufacturer of high-end electric guitars made in the United States, particularly their “private stock” instruments.

Were all gonna die then anyway so I guess it doesn’t matter. I have heard that in PRS is building over guitars a day. So the numbers are climbing fast now. Possible exceptions Because the bolt on guitars have numbers stamped on them conceivably they could be using plates up until at least February of I don’t think they throw the preprinted plates away just because the year changes.

I am not sure of this but I do remember getting guitars delivered in etc. Other ways to tell Important changeover years — PRS stopped offering Brazilian rosewood fingerboards. They went to a high quality, less expensive, but real mother of pearl. This tailpiece is made from white metal with absolutely NO saddle adjustment not recommended. The ones used previously were the excellent quality Gibson style Nashville 2 piece system with fully adjustable saddles.

The saddles are no longer highly polished and they tend to dull up and tarnish.

Paul Reed Smith CE

From the quality of the instruments, though, it’s obvious that Paul Reed Smith’s quality control was strict. The body shape is asymetrical, with greatly reduced carving. After the first year or two, a pickguard was introduced — something none of the Santana Signature models have. The neck is a 25″ scale length with 22 frets, although it does maintain the “Santana wide fat” shape, with a 10″ radius.

The original prototype of the PRS Custom, built in by Paul Reed Smith’s own fair hand, is a lovingly-crafted, oft-imitated guitar. The PRS Custom, a still-to-be-beaten hybrid of the world’s most classic solidbodies, the Gibson Les Paul and the Fender Stratocaster, is one of the few modern solidbodies that can rightly be called a ‘classic’ alongside those guitars that fuelled its.

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Oct 20,  · Paul Reed Smith guitar: fake or not? Collapse. X. Collapse. Posts; Latest Activity; Search. Page of 2. Prev Next. Filter. CE’s are going to have a script logo and the serial number will be on the neck plate. However, some of the earlier models may be different, but these would be selling for several thousand $$. – Gibson Les Paul.

I have played this guitar for years, but it has been well cared for. It plays like butter. This guitar has been modified at the PRS factory here in Stevensville. My guitar student who works at PRS here in Stevensville had them switched out for me. Dragon Pickups were introduced in with the Dragon Series guitars. They were also installed on Custom 22’s. Original 5 way rotary switch. The color is Scarlet Red.

I have never seen another one in this color, which leads me to believe that not a lot of these were made in Scarlet Red. Sort of a combo flame and quilt on this one. Maple bolt on neck is perfect. The newer models of this guitar now have a natural maple head stock. Many PRS players prefer the black, which is on this one.

Did PRS move the SE Custom line to Indonesia : PaulReedSmith

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Paul Reed Smith. Ritter. Squier. Steinberger. Strandberg. Suhr. Taylor. Tom Anderson. Vigier. Washburn. Gibson And Epiphone Guitars Serial Number Guide. The discontinued Gibson USA Jimmy Page Signature Les Paul has a standard 8 digit serial number. Joe Perry Les Paul (2 models).

Advertisements Materials The bodies of PRS guitars are crafted of mahogany , with a maple top on most models. They often feature highly figured tops, including flame maple , quilt maple and figured maple creating the effect of tiger stripes. PRS necks are usually made from mahogany, although some models feature maple or Indian or Brazilian rosewood necks; fingerboards are made of rosewood. PRS’s signature fret markers include the lower end moons, and the higher end birds.

The moons appear similar to standard dot inlays, but have a crescent more prominent than the rest of the dot. The bird inlays feature nine or ten different birds inlayed at the appropriate frets. Inlay materials have included semiprecious stones; iridescent shells, including abalone and abalone laminates; gold ; and even unearthed ivory from the extinct woolly mammoth. Hardware Close-up of the 3rd, 5th, and 7th fret bird inlays.

Nuts are synthetic; tuners are of PRS’ own design, although some models feature Korean-made Kluson-style tuners. PRS guitars feature three original bridge designs:

How To Date PRS Guitars – Serial Numbers