Why does the TV for Free tool on your website show different results than what I get in my home? Our TV for Free tool does not account for differences in terrain. For example, even if you are close to the towers, if you live in a valley, your reception may be degraded. Some stations broadcast at a lower strength so reception can be inconsistent. Can that be fixed? If the amplifier is faulty it can interfere with TV reception.

How Do I Turn on My HDMI Output on My PC

How to watch basic cable over triple monitor display need help Broc Kelley Jul 23, , 6: I am in the process of figuring out how to use splitters and switches to keep my ability to game across 3 TVs and switch to my DVR box when I want to watch TV. I’ll be updating as I make progress. Sorry if this thread already exists. Any help would appreciated. I found that I can use this, which uses windows media player to pause, rewind, and record the signal I’m getting from my cable provider:

Hi and welcome to JustAnswer, Assuming that the model of the new/2nd TIVO would work similar to the original dish receiver, then the basic idea is to split or distribute the incoming signal of the dish receiver to enable the 2nd TIVO to similarly received it. It would then be a matter of following the hook up of the 1st set up to be mimicked by the 2nd TV.

If you haven’t received it by say mid morning, call them up Well life was not meant to be easy and Murphy’s Law reigns supreme. What happened was about 10am today a delivery man knocked on the front door here and asked me to sign for an express post parcel from Brightstar Logistics, NSW. The parcel is a modem but not the Gateway Max. Yesterday morning, after reading this thread I rang Telstra Sales who put me through to Billing. The lady I spoke to at Billing took my order but did not know anything about the Gateway Max.

After she had lodged the order she finally understood what I was trying to explain and quickly cancelled the order. She told me she would call back but that did not happen. I received a confirmation email and checked the order to find it had been cancelled. After checking the number on this express post parcel I rang Sales again this morning and “James” has sent me a return satchel to send this wrong modem back. Also, I have now received a confirmation email and am looking forward to receiving a Gateway Max.

The service would have been excellent if only they had sent a Gateway Max in the fist place. Hope you are not exhausted trying to read all this. One must have a sense of humour.


January 2, Their pitch is that they’re converting certain channels from analog to digital. From searching around on the internet I haven’t been able to figure out what exactly I need to buy. Can anyone suggest a digital adapter that would work in this scenario?

Jan 15,  · My TiVo turned 5 years old a few days ago. As great as it has been, it’s time for HD, record-two-shows-at-once, and streaming Netflix. So I purchased a TiVo HD XL and another lifetime sub.

Melvin October 18, at I am in the same baot my post id If anyone can help. AJAY November 21, at Mike December 3, at 6: When I plugged it in a code E comes on the display panel and then turns off.

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I opened up one more box, this one containing 30 of the Macintosh System 7. So both Mac OS 7. When sending in your Starbucks gift card or a self-address stamped mailer, please therefore specify if you are interested in: Please folks, take these or so never used never opened mint condition Mac OS packages off my hands!

Blue Ridge Digital Cable and High Speed Internet are required to add TiVo service. mbps is required for TiVo service. For streaming applications like Netflix, TiVo recommends at least e requires compatible TiVo hardware and mobile devices running compatible software.

I also have a roamio and a bolt both of which have had the disks replaced. I decided to go completely stock and get six tuners, perhaps that was a mistake. The four stars is based on owning a bolt for a year. Upgrading my rating to 5 stars I. Stacey, Wakefield says I seem to be struggling with the same cablecard pairing issue as many people. Tried multiple cards each requiring a separate trip to the local cable company. Had the local cable company technician come out even with tivo representative on the phone.

Fios digital adapter or tivo

They arrived one day after ordering helps we are only about 25 miles from where they are made , and after hooking up worked like a dream. I order the bundle so I can have one upstairs and downstairs. Thought I might have an issue with the one downstairs since there are some trees and an aluminum gazebo outside the room, no problems at all. Stations come in clear and with no interference. Glassfern53 Rating I live in an elderly apartment building with three floors and forty apartments.

Apr 27,  · We plug in the new tuning adapter (another Cisco STA), then give the adapter and HDHomeRun a minute to recognize/configure each other while he calls up to have the tuner and CableCard re-paired.

I don’t know about that. Here is the pricing guide for my local area: So you are saving money for DVRs. The only additional cost you have is the actual video package you subscribe too. I don’t believe CCs are obsolete as TiVo is still around and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. CCs are seeming to become obsolete in TVs however.

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Reply Something about this setup bothers me. You are splitting your cable signal. One line goes to the cable modem and the other to the MoCA adapter.

Feb 05,  · Unfortunately for them, Time Warner requires that you use a tuning adapter along with the cablecard. And they have had nothing but problems with the tuning adapter. Tivo points at Time Warner, and Time Warner points at Tivo.

Further, installation is a major headache. These aren’t free, they’ll rent them to you. So, I picked up a self-install kit. Now, it isn’t rocket science, it just plugs in. For some reason Charter couldn’t seem to get it provisioned right. After he went through the process, it worked this time. I had tried to get them to go through the provisioning process again on the phone, but they insisted on an install.

I suspect they like to make it as difficult as possible.

Problems connecting surround sound to LCD TV

Active Cooling As you can see from the photo above the Arris hardware designers opted to add a fan to the DCX to keep it cool. The fan appears to vary in speed based on the temperature of the box. The fan is a nice addition considering the numerous problems with overheating some of the previous Time Warner cable boxes have experienced.

This model uses WD GreenPower technology which is designed to provide power conservation and cool operating temperatures. The power button goes dark when the DVR is turned off so with the clock disabled the unit is almost completely black unless a show is being recorded.

Sep 15,  · I would have thought that if ONE Tuning Adapter was hooked up and the associated TiVo tuned to a given channel, that I could tune that same given channel on an adjacent TiVo (with CableCard but no Tuning Adapter) since “the channel was active on my node”.

Section , Row E, Seat 23 Registered: Feb 9, Posted: Fri Sep 16, 5: I’m at home from work with whatever bug is currently being passed around. The beginning of the appointment window comes around, and there’s no call or sign of the guy whom Sunday’s tech said would be sent out with a new tuning adapter. The end of the appointment window passes, and it would seem that the tech on Sunday never actually put in for the appointment like he said he would. I’m too sick and tired to care.

I go to bed early. On Thursday, I finally get around to calling Bright House, and I go through my entire story on the phone, including the phantom appointment.

Live TV and PVR/DVR Setup Guide

Atlantic Broadband uses component cable. Both cables produce quality results. Your picture and sound will not improve by using an HDMI cable. Watching standard definition channels on HDTV sets may result in different screen dimensions and you may see bars on both sides of your screen. Refer to your TV screen for instructions on how to stretch your picture to fill the entire screen.

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Thanks for your many years of attention and everything you’ve done to make the site such a valuable resource. The first thing is that you have to do some configuring of both Java and Safari to get the applet to run at all. Once that was all done, I could log in from all my Macs, fire up the applet and establish a secure connection. On two of the Macs, as soon as I fired up the Citrix app, the Java vpn window would show ‘error’. The console showed a Java crash.

But on the third Mac, everything worked fine. I made sure that the Safari and Java preferences were set the same on each machine but still no joy. Then I remembered that I had done some Java development in the past and installed various jdks from Oracle so I ran: I keep everything up to date via the Java control panel currently 1.

Tivo Bolt Dvr Compatible (R)

Feb 4, I have a ceton card as well. You can just buzz through commericals with my new cheap MCE remote from Newegg. The four tuners really seem to work. It’s also very small..

Jun 18,  · Hey I have a 26″ LCD TV from Polaroid and a Philips DVD home theater system. The DVD works great with the surround sound but I can’t get .

April 27, 9: Can I connect them together to do anything cool? It seems to me that the antenna could be connected to the Tivo, and maybe pointed at the right spot in the sky for some free channels? Can the Tivo be used as the satellite tuner? You have to pay for or steal Direct TV service. You’ll need to pay for some sort of service cable or direct TV , either one will probably provide you with a DVR, making the TiVo useless.

How to set up Tivo DVR step by step Tutorial Tivo HD TCD652160